What Engages Your Customers and Prospects on Social Media?

A recent survey by Performics looked at what engaged people most when looking at social media with some interesting results.

Performics studied 2,000 users who use a social network at least once per-day. No real surprise is the fact that a full third of the people studied were more likely to respond to a brand’s offer if it was referred by a friend.  Apparently, 27 percent will do so from the brand’s page, 26 percent from the newsfeed, and 20 percent from a social ad.

The types of posts you use also seem to affect the response rate. Here is a chart that indicates the type of posts you can use and how they tend to impact the users engagement in the material:



Also interesting is the fact the here is another way in which Moms and Dads are different.  Dad’s (more than all women and non-fathers) tend to have more YouTube and Twitter accounts.  Mothers, on the other hand seem to favor Facebook.

When you use social media as a part of your overall internet marketing campaign, you may want to take these outlets and their primary users into consideration when targeting your message.

-Don MacMelville

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