What Else Can Help Your SEO? The Answer: BreadCrumbs

Breadcrumbs are little navigational tools that not only tell people where they are on the website but also help search engines work out your site structure. That’s why it makes a lot of sense when we say that they are an important part of almost every good website. Breadcrumbs are typically placed at the top of a webpage and provide hyperlinks going back to each previous page that the user navigated through to get to the current page. This hyperlinked trail may look something like this:

Homepage > Section Page > Subsection page

What Are The Benefits of Integrating Breadcrumbs?

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Significantly Helps User Experience

How many times have you navigated a website and couldn’t find what you were looking for? Frustrating right? Same goes for your website. Your aim is to keep your visitors happy and minimize any complications. Breadcrumbs can enhance user experience since it is a well-known interface element that instantly shows users find a way out without hitting the back button.

Being on the Good Side of Search Engines

Breadcrumbs give Google another way of understanding what your website is really about and how the site is structured. If Google sees your website is well structured Google will add your breadcrumbs in the search results, making it easier to attract your target users.

Reduces the Bounce Rate

With everything revolving around organic search nowadays, hardly anyone comes through the homepage anymore which means every part of your site could now be used as an entry point! This will reduce lower bounce rates because you’re offering visitors an alternative purpose of browsing your site. Don’t you think it’s better to send a visitor to your homepage than back to Google?


It may be a simple tool but breadcrumbs are a great way to help your users navigate your website. Visitors and search engines alike can instantly understand how the site is structured. There are a couple of ways to add breadcrumbs on your website. If you have more questions about SEO best practices, contact Boston Web Marketing now!

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