What does Google consider to be a mobile-friendly site?

There has been a lot of talk about  Google rolling out a mobile-friendly algorithm that will result in poor search results for non-mobile friendly sites. With mobile devices being the second most popular device used to search the internet behind your PC/Laptop it is not much of a surprise that Google is trying to help mobile users have a better and easier mobile experience. We do not how this could affect your click-through rate yet, but next time you are surfing the web on your phone keep an eye out for the “mobile-friendly” tag is going to start an appear next to mobile-friendly sites.

If you go to a non-mobile friendly site right now, we can easily come up with the criteria that Google will use to consider a website mobile friendly.

  • Avoiding software that is not meant for mobile devices, like Flash
  • Uses easy to read text formatting to eliminate the zooming in and out of tiny text
  • Content that adjusts the the screen you are uses, smartphone, tablets, etc.
  • Having links far enough apart so the correct one is easily tapped

When a website is hard to interact with and takes you to place you do not want to go on the website it can be frustrating. If this is the case, most times I avoid the site all together and find the same service on a website that make my experience easy and stress free.

If you want to find out if your site meets the standards use the mobile-friendly testing tool, or Webmasters Tools Guide on how to create and improve your mobile site.  

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