What Does “First-Hand Knowledge” Mean For Google Search?

One of the things that we’ve tried to hammer home on this website is the fact that SEO is a constantly changing landscape. Google makes consistent efforts to help improve the experience on their platform for users, and the changes they make vary in size and scope. This newest update may be one of their biggest in a while! Google recently rolled out a series of changes to the way it crawls content, placing special emphasis on what it calls “first-hand knowledge” regarding specific topics. But, what does Google mean by first-hand knowledge, and what impacts can you expect this phenomenon to have on your SEO strategy? We aim to answer both questions below!

What Is “First-Hand Knowledge?”

If you’ve been in the SEO market for a while, the term first-hand knowledge shouldn’t come across as anything new. In fact, Google addressed this in an update released in late 2022 by updating its EAT principle! Instead of using only “Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness” as its three main pillars, the platform added an additional ‘E’ to the beginning for Experience. Google tends to value experience from a first-person perspective. First-hand knowledge refers to knowledge from specific people regarding specific circumstances. Google prioritizes content that showcases this experience or advice without having to search for general information. The new update Google rolled out aims to place a greater emphasis on this type of content in search results.

EEAT For Businesses

Making your content unique with first-hand knowledge is easier said than done – especially considering that your industry likely isn’t unique! Much of the information that a Google user will search for likely already exists somewhere on the Internet. With this in mind, how can you make your business rank well for first-hand knowledge concepts?

The key is to pull from individual experiences from your business. Review generation is an important part of making your business rank well for knowledge graphs and Google Maps, and it’s also a foolproof way of making your content more personal. If you’re in the business of contracting – regardless of what industry it is – case study pages can help make your content more authoritative. Because they document a person’s first-hand experience with your business, it can fall into this category. Testimonials for specific services are great to sprinkle into a service page. The more of this type of content you can provide to users, the more trustworthy your business becomes – and the higher you rank as a result!

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