What Does 60-Second Videos Mean for Instagram?

In a surprising move away from traditional video sharing on mobile devices, the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram has announced that they will be increasing their video time limit from 15 seconds of play time to 60 seconds. This move to a longer video play time is interesting in that it moves away from the 10-second time limit popularized by apps such as Snapchat or Twitter’s Vine.

Why Update?

Instagram has noted that in the last six months the time people spend watching videos increased by more than 40 percent. The idea of Instagram’s update is that longer videos would translate to additional opportunity for users to create more diverse content and to view extended content from popular accounts. Some users are speculating that the new update will transition Instagram closer to the ranks of YouTube in terms of content and away from the Snapchat and Vine.

For IOS devices, Instagram is bringing back the ability to make to clip together segments of videos from a user’s camera roll.

The 60-second video update from Instagram begins rolling out today and will be available to everyone in the upcoming months.

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