Recent Changes in Google’s Keyword

Two weeks ago when Google announced that they were limiting Keyword Planner Data through AdWords, users were not sure what they could expect for all of their accounts.

In 2013, Google updated and launched the Keyword Planner to include traffic estimation, and only allowed users access to the tool through AdWords. For SEO reps and other lower spend agencies, representatives simply created AdWords Accounts and used the tool but ran no campaigns.

Around the beginning of June (this year), researchers began to notice changes in their Keyword Tool. Some were getting a message that they needed an active account, while others were getting results but in an extremely broad range, ex 100K- 1M.

Google Keyword Planner

According to Google, most users will experience no change in their data results. However, some users with a lower monthly spend will see a very limited amount of data. The change will also affect some users that search for data too often. (Google hasn’t provided an exact number of how many searches are too many searches)

This is a very limiting issue for representatives of agencies with little to no spend or startups, because it will be hard for the representative to see the demand for each keyword they may want to use. Google assures users that the data they are getting, even in a range, is accurate and helpful to their campaigns, and that these limits aren’t specifically targeting users, they are targeting sessions. Most smaller agencies aren’t ecstatic with this response, only because they do feel targeted for spending less, even though Google says this isn’t the case.

Google responded again to concerns from advertisers to say that this change is mostly aimed at bots that ping the tool frequently. The reason for the nondisclosure of the actual number on the search limit is simply because those running the bots could adjust to this number.

The last few questions that remain to be answered by Google, are: what access new campaigns will have to the tool? Will agencies be able to run the tool with full, precise date results before starting a campaign, so that they can figure out how to structure it? Will newer campaigns have some room for a few search queries before they get limited?

We are anxiously awaiting Google’s next move.


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