What Do I Need To Remember When Optimizing A Google My Business Profile?

It’s been found that for local businesses a Google My Business listing is more important than social media and email marketing when it comes to SEO. Since this is the case, it is important to optimize your Google My Business listing to the fullest. Here are some of the best tips to help enhance your Google My Business profile and earn higher rankings on Google search results. 

Verify Your Business

First and foremost you’ll need to verify your business with Google. This is a simple process as you just need to have Google send a postcard to your business address that contains a code. Once you receive the code in the mail you enter the code in your Google My Business profile and boom, you’re verified! 

Make Sure Your Profile is Completely Filled Out

It is important to fill out as many fields of your Google My Business profile as possible. The more information you provide to Google the more likely your business will be found. It is recommended to write descriptions under each field with as many keywords as you can, without keyword stuffing of course! By putting the main keywords you want your business to be found for in these fields, you are setting yourself up for SEO success!

It has been found that the most important details on your Google My Business profile are the business’s name, address, phone number, website link, and your products and services. Make sure to have all of these fields filled out to give potential customers all the information they need about your business. 

Make Sure Your Profile is Always Up to Date

Making sure everything on your profile is up to date is extremely important. If your hours change, your address changes, you website domain changes, etc. people need to know! If your profile is not accurate at all times, it is possible for you to lose many potential customers. 

Pick the Most Relevant Categories

Choosing the most relevant category for your business will help determine if your listing will show up when someone does an organic search. By putting your business under the right category you can reach many more potential customers than if you failed to choose the right category. It is recommended to not just guess what category your business would fall into, but to do some keyword research. Google My Business offers primary categories and secondary categories so you can choose a number of categories your business can be found for. 

Include Up to Date Photos and Videos

Including pictures and videos in your Google My Business profile shows Google as well as potential customers that your business is legit. By adding different types of media such as videos of your employees doing your services, pictures of your employees, pictures & videos of completed work, etc. you can show people how professional and real your business is. This will help customers and Google have trust in your business. 

Get Google Reviews!

Everyone knows that before you trust a business you always go to read their reviews to see other people’s experiences with the business. Not only do reviews help potential customers see how much you have helped others but it also helps your business rank higher on Google Maps. However, when it comes to Google reviews, quality over quantity is key. You want your reviews to go into great detail and be personal. Google has a way of finding spam reviews, so you want to make sure they are legitimate! You can try to get more reviews on Google by setting up an automated email asking people to leave you a review after they buy a product or get a service of yours. 

Post Weekly

Google My Business gives you an option to make posts similar to social media posts. By adding a post to your profile weekly, you can easily update people on what is new within your business. Posting weekly also shows Google that you are actively keeping your profile updated which will result in a higher ranking. 

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