What Do I Need to Know About SEO/SEM/PPC & Ecosia?

You may have recently heard of the relatively new search engine Ecosia. Although Ecosia has been around since 2009. Now a decade into its mission to use a search console for environmental benefits, Ecosia has picked up more steam and often displays ads through the Google Display Network. Whether you manage your own company’s online presence or you work in SEO, Ecosia’s rising number of users should be considered in your SEO, SEM, and PPC strategies.

What Is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine that seeks to use profits for environmental benefit. Like any other search engine, Ecosia makes its main source of revenue by serving ads on its SERPs. The money made from these advertisements is primarily funneled into planting trees. Of course, not 100% of their profits are charitable. Regardless, their dedication to improving the world’s environment has caught the attention of many users.

Do You Need an “Ecosia Ads” Account?

The first thing you need to understand about Ecosia is that it does not have secondary products like Google and Bing. Ecosia gets all of their ads through Bing. Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) provides all of the advertisements for Ecosia SERPs. Interestingly, Ecosia serves more ads than Bing. This makes sense when you consider their goal is to drive up the profits they make from serving ads. Because of the increased ad space, and the increased level of traffic that Ecosia is receiving after their recent marketing campaign, it may be worth putting ads on Ecosia, especially if you are already working with Microsoft Advertising. Because of Ecosia’s smaller size, cost per click is lower on Ecosia than on Google. So, Ecosia can either work as an extension to an already existing SEM strategy, or an alternative for a company that is willing to sacrifice audience size for lower ad costs.

How Do You Manage SEO for Ecosia?

The basis of any SEO strategy is understanding the underlying algorithm that is in place on a search engine. Because Ecosia borrows a lot of their search algorithm from Bing, the best way to optimize for Ecosia is to optimize for Bing. Using tools like Bing Webmaster and Bing Places can help increase your Ecosia ranking. Of course, standard practices will also be beneficial. Content writing, link building, and managing page titles & meta descriptions is always an effective way to increase the visibility of your website’s landing pages across any search engine.

Is Ecosia Here To Stay?

Ecosia is a recent Search Engine to join the list of Google and Bing alternatives. It is unknown whether or not it will be successful longterm. Their recent advertising push has definitely increased brand awareness for Ecosia. However, as many industries experts note, Ecosia’s user experience is not as refined as Google’s or Bing’s. However, the unique offering of using the revenue to better the Earth is enough to bring in some users. Ecosia boasts that there are 7 million active users on their website and that this number is growing. Another thing that has to be said is that Ecosia has a unique niche market. Their users automatically funnel into a demographics that care about the environment, support donating money, and is cause-orientated. For the time being Ecosia may be cost-effective, because it is a growing market. If this demographic is valuable to a company, serving ads on Ecosia and managing your Bing listings and Bing webmaster tools are the best ways to reach this segmented search audience.

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