What Do I Need To Know About Google’s New Spam Update?

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing to make the user experience better for everyone. If you aren’t familiar, the way Google structures its search engine results pages is through a wide variety of algorithms that measure different aspects of a user’s experience on your website. Spam and spam-like content is the main focus of one of these algorithms, and Google has released a new update to help strengthen its effectiveness. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it below!

Spam Updates Happen Regularly

As the online landscape and how people interact with websites continues to evolve, so do the attempts to inundate them with spammy content. Google updating its spam algorithms shouldn’t come as a huge shock to those familiar with them, but might be concerning to those not as familiar with them. Spam updates, unlike a lot of other algorithm changes, don’t overly affect how your website ranks. If you’ve noticed a severe downtick in your website’s traffic, it may be the victim of a spam attack!

It’s Difficult To Be Guilty Of Spam

Google offers very specific and strict definitions of what it believes spam looks like on a website. Unless you actively go out of your way to fill your site with this type of content, it’s incredibly difficult to be found guilty of spam. Examples of websites that would fall under Google’s definition include sites that trick you into downloading malware and giving up your personal information. Unless your site falls into one of these categories (and it more than likely won’t), you shouldn’t have to worry.

Exact Details Aren’t Provided Often

Unless Google rolls out an algorithm update that specifically deals with a certain part of spam, you should expect little details about these changes. For example, Google rolled out an update last year that was specifically targeting link farming, a common component of spam. General updates make improvements to every part of the spam fighting process, which is why you won’t hear so much about them.

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