What Did Google’s August 1st Update Do?

Google has released an updated algorithm at the beginning of this month that has been labeled the “medic update” because its focus has primarily been on medical pages. Google claims this worldwide update was made for all websites, however, what we have noticed is medical & YMYL ( your money, your life sites) have been affected the most.

What do we know about the update?

We do not know much about this update currently, as Google has been very vague with its description. Google has said there is nothing we can do to combat or “fix” the update. It was made to give more websites credit for the content that they have already created but never got rewarded for. However, Google did tell us we should continue to work on making useful & informative content & making our websites more functional.

How to combat this update

If your website has been dramatically dragged down in the SERP, then you are looking for a way to get back to the top regardless of Google’s statement claiming there’s nothing we can do about it. This update from Google is essentially a content update. So first you should start to look at the content that’s on your website & ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my content on this page too long?
  • Do I have enough content on this page?
  • Does my content relate to my website?
  • Is my content making my website more useful?

Once you go through this process you can then figure out what needs to be updated & taken down.

Don’t forget Good SEO tactics

You should NOT try to update your entire site in one day. Even though you put in all those hours of hard work in, Google may penalize you even more or overlook the changes you have made! This could make for negative SEO. When redoing a lot of content on your website you must be patient & update a couple pages at a time to allow Google to crawl through your website & restore your rankings on the SERP.




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