What Can I Do To Improve My SEO Today?

Having a major impact in search results takes a lot of time, some trial and error, and many different SEO techniques. Once you’re where you want to be in rankings, you then have to work hard to remain in that dominant spot. If you stay on top of current SEO trends and algorithm changes, you’ll likely be golden. If you don’t, you’ll slip in rankings and lose your cherished place on page 1. If you’re currently not thrilled with your general web presence and want to bring more attention to your business or cause, there are a few things you can do today to start getting noticed a bit more on the web. Let’s take a look at what you can do to improve your SEO today.

Think About Your Keywords

What kind of search terms do you want to pop up for on the internet? If you’re a plumber, you’ll likely want to be found for your services in the general area of your business. Think about what services drive your business most and base your keywords on those services. Take yourself outside of the situation and get in the mind of a searcher looking for what you offer. If you set up Google My Business, you can gain insight into which keywords your website is getting the most impressions for. This can come in handy if you really find yourself struggling to nail down some quality keywords.

Set Up Webmaster Tools

Getting all of your businesses’ details correct across many facets of the web can be difficult, which is why Google and Bing webmaster tools are so helpful. They help make sure all the technical details are how they should be for both searchers and search engines. If you haven’t set up webmaster tools yet then you should definitely get a move on that. If you find yourself feeling like a fish out of water after signing up, poke around the elements a bit. You can learn about any crawl errors Google might find or learn the speed of your site.

Create Content Your Users Want to Engage With

You can have a site that is technically perfect SEO wise and still not see much engagement. What really drives continued interest in your service or brand is putting out content on a consistent basis. Not just any content either, but quality content. Discovering what quality content for your users is can be difficult, but analyzing their behavior on your site can offer some great insights. You can see which content they engage with most and upon knowing that you can continue on in that vein for greater consumer involvement.


If you want a presence on the web, these are a few of the things you can start doing today to get the process started. Maintaining stellar rankings takes effort, but once you dive into the SEO world you’ll realize there is so much you can do for your web presence. Have fun exploring!


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