What Can I Do If My Website Is Down?

As trustworthy and secure as your business’s website is, sometimes you will run into problems. Your website could be working completely fine one day, only for unforeseen issues to arise when you boot it up the next day. It may sound easier to hit the panic button once these situations present themselves, but don’t fret! There are plenty of immediate actions that you can take once you’ve learned about your website’s status. Read on to discover the best actions to take if your website is down!

Look At The Error Number

When your website goes offline or otherwise becomes unfunctional, it will usually display a white page with an error number when you go to click the link. This number is not without purpose; it’s a clue that can actually direct you to what is wrong! The two main numbers that you should worry about here are 4xx errors and 5xx errors, as these correlate to specific problems with your website. If you receive a 3xx error, it’s likely that the specific link is broken and that a redirect will need to be made.

Check In With Your Hosting Provider

It’s become commonplace this year for website hosting providers to experience massive issues. In fact, it happened with InMotion just this week! If you’ve noticed that your website is down but can’t seem to pinpoint an error, it’s likely that your hosting provider is experiencing an error. Go to their website and check on their news tab; if an issue is present, they’ll make quick work of informing the public. These errors usually take a few hours to sort out, but your website will be live again before you know it.

Check Your FTP Files

Your FTP, or “File Transfer Protocol”, files are the pieces of information that help display your website’s pages. Sometimes, when your website has an error, it will display a message telling you that there’s a line of code where there shouldn’t be. It’s likely due to a plugin issue, but you’ll be able to snuff this out quickly with hosting access! You’ll be able to locate the right file and make the necessary changes to bring your site back online quickly.

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