What Can Google Analytics Do For My Business?

If you are a new business owner and only slightly familiar with the tools that Google has to offer, you might have heard the term Google Analytics before. Even if you only have a basic understanding of what Analytics is, you might still be curious as to how it can benefit your business. More importantly how you can use these tools to benefit your business. Google provides a wide array of tools that business owners and marketers can utilize to gain incredible insight into their digital performance. Some of these services include Google Search, Tag Manager, and My Business.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is essential to any business when it comes to learning how your website is performing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Google has always done a great job when it comes to making their services user-friendly. Analytics is easy to implement on your site whether you are running it through WordPress, HTML, or any other CMS; depending on the platform you are using, all you need to do is enter a javascript tracking code to your site, and within an instant, you’ll have powerful data at your fingertips.

What Analytics Does

Google Analytics provides a variety of useful information about how your website is performing, this can range from monthly users to tracking your conversion rates. For starters it provides information in real time, allowing you to see when people are using your site. This information can help you predict the most effective time to post a blog, or when to expect a higher fluctuation in calls if you are a seasonal business. 

Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website and make important educated decisions that will affect your business for days and months to come. To take control of your website and the valuable data it holds, check out this tutorial provided by Google on “Analytics for Beginners.”


The “Overview” sections gives you data on new users, returning users, and what parts of the world people are clicking into your site. This information goes deeper into regions, demographics, age, and interests, which can be reviewed in real time, on a day to day or month to month basis.


The acquisition section of analytics covers the “how” of search. The data contained in this section relates to how people are getting to your website. Whether it is through social media, organic traffic, direct traffic, or referral traffic this is important information that can help you improve your social ranking in google.


The Behavior section of analytics is the “where” of search. where users go once they are on your website. This is important because Analytics will show you the most frequent path users take on a website. This is in regards to ensuring that you are driving people to the right page, and can explain why you might have a high drop off rate for certain pages. Data like this is necessary for a successful website because it allows you to pinpoint a problem or anomaly and work to improve it.

A good example of fixing a page with a high bounce rate would be if you are using links to direct clients to a store page, but instead, they land on your home page. If your links brought them directly to the store page you might see more conversions and less drop-off.

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