What Can Email Marketing Do For My Business?

What can email marketing do for my business? Short answer: A LOT! This is a common question that friends, families, clients normally ask when it comes to a new marketing approach or tactic that they are 1) not familiar with & 2) not sure they are willing to take a chance on something “new”. The word “new” is a relative term, as Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing that has stood the test of time, both in terms of success and the benefits that it can offer your business.

Growing An Organic User Base

Email marketing campaigns work best when people sign up to become a part of a mailing list. These are individuals that voluntarily want to see these emails as opposed to sending out marketing campaigns to people who don’t know you or your business. Sending marketing campaigns to those who haven’t signed up for them can actually have the opposite effect, as you are ‘spamming’ those users and they may become frustrated with your business, which means 1 important thing, a potential drop in conversions! See how Email Marketing can boost your SEO!

Creating this organic user base can happen in a variety of ways. Creating loyalty programs where an email sign up is required is a good place to start. As mentioned before, this user base is already familiar with your products and service and are most likely repeat customers as they have now signed up for this service.

Another excellent way to capture your audience organically is by placing a newsletter signup button on your website. This will help create an organic user base for your newsletters but is also helpful as you are allowing users to voluntarily join your newsletter. It is always important to be a resource in your industry if you want to be a leader in your region!


What to send my customer base and how often?

This is where email marketing gets “Interesting!” Depending on your business and target demographic, the promotions, sales and incentives can vary greatly. Considering holidays and seasonal promotions can be very effective, especially if your business experiences a slow-down during any point in the year. An email marketing push can increase sales at times that have been slow in the past. Feel like becoming an email marketing master? Learn 5 quick email marketing tips here!

How often you send these promotions is also a balance one needs to strike for their business as well. If too many promotions are offered, and the user base responds overwhelmingly positive to it, you may be in for providing more discounts than anticipated. This is where an experienced firm like Boston Web Marketing can help! Through a slow approach in terms of testing what works and what doesn’t, within a few campaigns, we can narrow down the most efficient use and timing of an email marketing campaign for your business. See how marketing will affect business owners in 2020 & beyond

Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Boston Web Marketing can work alongside your internal team of Marketing professionals when it comes to optimizing your business and getting your website back in front of the eyes of those you are trying to reach.  Need a site consultation?

If you are interested in growing your business online or would like to expand and optimize your email campaign, give Boston Web Marketing a call today at 857-526-0096!

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