What Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing?

As SEO and digital marketing continue to evolve and practices change, social media has proven its longevity. Social media’s popularity, ease of access, and cost-effective nature make it much more valuable than just a place to show off your most recent vacation pictures! However, one question that businesses commonly ask is, “What industries should use social media marketing?”

On a surface level, any and all businesses should be using social media to their advantage. There realistically is no harm to be caused by a social media campaign or account. But, with that being said, some businesses can certainly see greater benefits than others.

Top Social Media Industries

While this is by no means a complete list, some of the most popular industries that see success through social media include:

  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Travel

These industries offer a very particular good or service that can easily be captured in the moment and shared via photo or video to a wide audience with a clear message. On the flip side, businesses like hospitals, law firms, and more will see fewer benefits due to the nature of their work combined with legal and social media regulations impacting what information and content they can share. Regardless, even a fractional social media presence is still far more useful than none at all!

Why Should My Business Use Social Media?

While many facets of SEO and digital marketing are technical and cannot be achieved by someone with no experience, social media is user-friendly and also, in most cases, free to use! Semi-regular posting across channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is an effective way to start building a stronger digital footprint for your business. By posting well-planned and original content, businesses can direct more clicks to their website, connect with other like-minded individuals in the field, build consumer trust, and highlight products and promotions while spreading brand awareness.

On top of this, social media platforms also offer boosted and promoted content allowing businesses to launch paid campaigns and bring in quick leads and traffic.

Getting Started with Social Media

So you’ve decided that you’re ready to get started running social media accounts for your business. But where do you get started? First off, identify your audience and determine the right platforms for you. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter attract younger audiences interested in things like travel and fashion, while industry professionals most commonly use LinkedIn for businesses such as real estate and STEM. From here, ensure brand continuity by linking your website and other page content to posts, using one unique logo and a standard color scheme.

Better yet, let the professionals at Boston Web Marketing handle your business’ social media strategy for you. Our expert staff of social media managers can help your social media strategy with top-to-bottom optimization by generating eye-catching content, maintaining profiles,  and launching paid campaigns. Contact Boston Web Marketing today to get started upgrading your social media presence!

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