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What Are Ways to Combine Traditional & Digital Marketing?

In today’s modern world of digital marketing, many people dismiss implementing the traditional marketing aspects that have gotten most businesses where they are today. Combining both types of marketing can help you come up with new ways to reach your target audience. Traditional marketing is still a valuable asset to any business marketing strategy. The revolution of digital technology has enhanced marketers’ ability to reach, convert, and engage their target audiences. Traditional marketing tactics like networking, direct mail, and cold calling are still vital for creating a profitable brand. Building an effective marketing strategy means bringing in the best of both worlds by integrating new channels with traditional strategies.

Cold Calling and Intent Data

Is cold calling still effective in 2020? By signaling which people you call are most likely to convert, intent data makes cold calling way more efficient. By combining intent data with the cold calling process, marketers can reach better-qualified prospects, while avoiding contacting the least promising contacts. To reduce the stress for the sales team that comes with calling unqualified prospects and optimize conversion rates and, intent data is the missing piece.

Print Media and Deep Media Nurturing

Successful marketers in today’s world understand the value of developing and nurturing buyer relationships at every stage and level of the sales funnel. They’ve used a buyer-focused mindset that is wired to drive more sales at lower costs and adapt according to the shifting buyer journey. With the rise of deep media nurturing, marketers have already taken lead nurturing beyond the inbox. The savviest marketers are going a step further by expanding lead nurturing beyond the digital space. Running ads online using premium programmatic display is a popular deep media nurturing tactic. Even though print media is obviously not as prominent as it was in the past, there’s a reason why printed editions of digital magazines are still in going around: audiences do read them.

Direct Mail and Lead Nurturing

While lead nurturing is important to optimize conversion rates, the volume of online exchanges increases the odds that digital communications end up in spam. A tactic to protect against the digital message being drowned out by the immense volume of online content is to increase lead nurturing with direct mail. It might seem like a look into the past, but at the current rate of inbox saturation, it’s a strategy that works. The idea is to send prospects something relevant to them that will help your brand stand out against the rest. If five follow-up emails fail to get a response, what are the odds that the sixth email will bring in a conversion? A follow-up in the form of a mailed letter or postcard can be the differentiation that gets a prospect to consider what is being offered. The endless personalization opportunities that direct mail holds can go a long way toward building trust with the prospect. This makes them more likely to respond and move down the sales funnel.

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