What Are the Pros and Cons for Wix Sites?

Different Content Management Systems (CMS) offer different pros and cons for users. While some people may find Wix preferable, others may find WordPress, Drupal or another CMS superior. There’s no definitive answer regarding which of these platforms are better, as it’s subjective depending on the person and their website needs.

Learn more about Wix and its practical uses by examining its pros and cons below:



Wix has an incredibly intuitive and simple interface that allows even the most amateur of website builders to create their very own website. No HTML or coding knowedge is necessary as it provides users with the basic tools they need, as everything is drag & drop, saving you countless hours from tinkering with CSS.

Customer Support

Wix has a dedicated team of customer support representatives that walk users through Wix in an easy to follow fashion. Both phone and email support members can be reached to assist you with the majority of your website needs.


Wix’s pricing is extremely reasonable, as it’s just under $25/month for its most premium plan.



Wix allows you to make very basic aesthetic changes and content additions, making it ideal for a blogger on a budget. Yet, for small business owners looking to add a layer of complexity to their website, Wix is not ideal. Wix’s developers are the only ones to manage its developer tools, preventing anybody else from editing it to any major extent.


While your website may be “yours”, it’s still controlled by Wix. With other platforms, like WordPress, the website is more-or-less yours, as you can access its files and make extensive edits anytime. WordPress is ideal for business owners and small-to-medium-sized publications looking to customize their website to exactly their liking.



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