What Are The Most Successful Ways To Rank Better on Google?

Seeing your website improve on search engine result pages can feel glorious. With that said, search engine result pages will likely not improve on their own, so optimization is essential. Below we will dive into five commonly successful strategies to help your website rank better on a search engine such as Google.

1. Update Keywords on Existing Pages

The great thing about written website content is nothing has to be permanent. You can always go back and edit your work. After a few months go by and you have an idea of where a certain webpage of your website ranks on certain search results, look into adding any missing keywords that could help boost the page. Finding the right keywords to add to a page that already exists can be done with tools such as Google Search Console.

2. Try To Get a Featured Snippet

Landing on a featured snippet can be gold for websites but they are not easy to come by. A featured snippet on Google is the box with dropdown answers to frequently asked questions about a related query. Featured snippets are displayed at the top of Google search result pages so they present a great opportunity to bring in more traffic. A good way to get chosen as a featured snippet is the write helpful content that users frequently seek answers for.

3. Take Low Traffic Pages To Heart

Low traffic webpages likely will not improve unless they are updated. Check the traffic totals for your webpages monthly and take action on the pages with low traffic totals.

4. Add Content Your Competitors Do Not Have

If your website is struggling to overtake your competitors in search results, do an audit of your competitiors website. See what is working well for them but also make note of features they do not have. Adding features and content to your website that is missing from your competitors can help your website start to see a difference.

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