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What Are The Most Important On-Site SEO Factors?

As you are probably are aware by now, how your website performs in a typical search engine result page query has to do with ranking factors. How you optimize your website or how you choose to optimize your website plays a significant role in how it will fare on search engines. Here are the most important on-site SEO aspects your website should focus on in 2021.

The Content

Having sufficient content on your website is essential, but unstructured content will do your website no good. The basic content is not nearly enough and you must understand your respective industry and audience. Merely having a lot of words and rambling on is not a sign of quality on-site content. You must understand and implement keywords that are working for your website.

Organized content is another factor one must consider when it comes to the written work. Title tags are important and breaking up your paragraphs with header tags go a long way. Always proofread your work and make sure the arrangement of words aligns. Last, but not least, remember to make the content as scannable for crawlers as possible.

Internal Links

An indicator of a  great website is seeing internal links scattered across the site. Internal links keep users more engaged by taking them from one page of your site to another. it is a pretty simple process and using internal links will keep users on your website longer. It is best to aim for at least three internal links per webpage.


With more users turning to mobile devices than ever, your website being “mobile-friendly” is pivotal. It is always easy to check your mobile-friendliness score using on of the many free applications to do so. Always keep in mind that how a website looks on a desktop will not appear the same way on a mobile device. Never neglect the design of your website.

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