What are the most expensive states for CPC?

Cost-per-click prices are not created equal across the country. While some states have developed into affordable bargain states for PPC, others have average CPCs that are much higher than the rest of the country. According to Larry Kim of Wordstream, these are the five most expensive states for PPC:

  • Alabama (78% more expensive)
  • West Virginia (60% more expensive)
  • Maine (48% more expensive)
  • Alaska (43% more expensive)
  • Louisiana (34% more expensive)

On the reverse side, the most affordable states by average CPC is:

  • South Dakota (65% less expensive)
  • Nebraska (45% less expensive)
  • Delaware (45% less expensive)
  • Rhode Island (42% less expensive)
  • Wyoming (38% less expensive)

The average CPC can be found in California, Oregon, and Wisconsin. While population wasn’t found to be a major factor, it does seem that rural areas tend to have higher average CPCs. Another observation was that states with low unemployment rates tend to have low CPCs.

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