What are the most common mobile SEO mistakes?

Now that the infamous “Mobilegeddon” Algorithm Update has rolled out, regardless of whether or not you have noticed a difference in your search results, you should be actively taking the next steps to improve your mobile friendly site.

Here are some common mistakes we see on mobile websites. Make sure your site doesn’t have any!

  1. Mobile Page Speed. It is very important to make sure your mobile site loads quickly. Users can become very frustrated if they have to wait a long time to see your content. We recommend testing your site on Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool checks your site to make sure you have no issues that can cause a slow page load.
  2. Error in video/images. Some types of videos/content/images are not playable on mobile sites, causing a poor mobile experience for users! We suggest rather than using a video player or putting content in unsupported formats, use HTML5 standard tags to include videos or images.
  3. Check Site Links. Be sure to check your links to make sure that they point to the correct equivalent page. A common error we see are mobile pages that link directly to a desktop page, causing a 404 error message. This mistake will cause you to lose mobile users.

Always stay updated on Google’s mobile friendly update so that your site does not become victim to “Mobilegeddon”!

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