What Are The Most Common Issues That Slow Down Your Site Speed?

If you’ve noticed that your website is slowing down more & more lately and you’re not sure what’s happening to your site, you’ve come to the right place! There are a variety of problems that can slow down a site’s speed significantly. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common issues that will slow down your website!

Oversized & Uncompressed Images

One of the first ways to improve your site’s speed is to ensure that you don’t have any poorly optimized images on your site. If you have a high-resolution image on each page of your website, it will significantly slow-down loading speeds. In addition to high-resolution images, ensure that you don’t have any unnecessarily large images, which can also slow down your site’s loading speeds.

Bad Hosting

Another issue that can sink your website’s speed before it even has a chance is poor hosting. Instead of choosing a free or very inexpensive host, spend the couple extra dollars per month to ensure you have a reliable host that can handle spikes in web traffic. Having bad hosting on your website can quickly sink the speed of your site!

Useless Plug-Ins

One of the best features of WordPress is that there is a plug-in for nearly everything. You may get caught up in downloading every plug-in with interesting functionality, which can quickly slow down your site. Particularly if you have a lot of outdated plug-ins on your website, it can easily slow down your site. Another danger of having old plug-ins that you’re not using is that if the developer isn’t constantly updating the plug-in, it can in danger of being hacked and compromising your website!

However, even though unnecessary plug-ins can slow down your site, there are also a number of plug-ins that are designed to improve your site’s speed. It is just important to choose the correct options for your needs and ensure that you cut down on unnecessary plug-ins!

Third-Party WordPress Themes

If you’re downloading a theme for your WordPress site, instead of using a free third-party theme, spend a bit of money to get an official one from WordPress themselves. Free themes pose a risk of being infected with malware, which can damage your site’s speed and security.

Coding Problems

Finally, if you have a great deal of unnecessary code on your website, it can quickly slow down your site’s loading speeds. One of the greatest detractors from site speed is having too many redirects in your site’s code due to old URL’s. This causes your browser to have to load multiple web pages as well.

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