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What Are The Key Metrics to Measure for SEO?

When starting an SEO campaign there can be a lot of expectations going in that your traffic and business are instantly going to skyrocket. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually how SEO works. SEO takes time and patience to get going. There are a lot of factors to consider when beginning any SEO campaign, and the metrics you choose to measure for success will largely differ depending on the type of business you’re running. Nevertheless, here are some KPIs to look out for across the board that tell you things are headed in the right direction.

Search Rankings

If your business is pretty new and you haven’t done any SEO yet, then it’s important to understand that your first goal is going to be showing up for your business name. This should always be your first priority, and is usually accomplished pretty early on in the SEO process but could take longer if you happen to share a name with other notable businesses. It’s important that your customers who are actually looking for your business can find you as soon as possible, and once this is accomplished you can move onto showing up for your products and services in your area.

Local SEO

This is where local SEO comes in, and Google has been placing more importance on location-specific searches over the years with its “Pigeon” Algorithm. For new small businesses especially, the next step is to show up for your specific services in your local area so you can start to build up your local business quickly. Even if you do want to expand your business to a more nationwide level, this is still a great strategy to get started and show up on the top of certain search results pages within a relatively short period of time, as both the competition and search volume will be lower for locally specific searches.

Higher Search Traffic

Of course, it’s hard not to pay attention to actual user traffic data on your website, and there’s nothing wrong with using this as a key metric to measure success, as long as you’re doing it with a purpose. This means making sure to compare both your traffic and your conversions from month to month, and also to pay attention to what regions your traffic is coming from. A high spike in traffic isn’t always a good thing, as bots and other factors can artificially inflate this number, but steady traffic growth, alongside higher search rankings is really the key metric to look for that everything is heading in the right direction.

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