What Are The Different Benefits of PPC and SEO?

Choosing between SEO and PPC and which method to employ for your business can be a difficult decision. Both methods use different strategies that bring different benefits. The right one to choose for your business all depends on your goals for the business, long-term and short-term. In simple terms, organic traffic comes into your website from rankings in search results that are driven by SEO. PPC or Paid traffic, on the other hand, comes from paid placements on search engines and social media. 

The clear difference between SEO and PPC is price and speed. SEO increases organic traffic using organic methods, so it is free and long-term but takes time to pick up momentum. PPC is utilized by running paid online ads on social media and search engine result pages, prices can vary depending on the engagement the post gets. In most cases, a combination of both organic and paid mechanisms are best to increase short-term awareness and long-term traffic. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of organic search and paid search. 

Benefits of SEO

SEO is Free

While you do have the option to put money into improving traffic and awareness for your website, it isn’t always necessary. SEO can be a great benefit to new companies or businesses with smaller budgets who are looking to build long-lasting awareness. The most important investment when it comes to organic methods is time and patience. SEO strategies take time but the results are worth it. 

Increases ROI

Utilizing SEO strategies for better organic search results can greatly increase your return on investment. Tracking whether or not SEO is working can be pretty straightforward if you know what to look for. At Boston Web Marketing, we use a variety of different tools to analyze and show you how well the SEO methods are working for your business. Nearly 90% of marketers say that they have used SEO to successfully boost traffic for long-term results. 

Greater Awareness

When using SEO to increase search ranking and awareness, one of the biggest aspects is sharing useful and unique content through SEO research. When you create great content, it helps to get your website noticed for a variety of different search queries. It also tells search engines that you have a legitimate and trustworthy site. This will lead to seeing boosts in not just traffic and leads, but also revenue and search engine result page rankings. 

PPC Benefits

Instantaneous Results

One great benefit that PPC and paid ads have is that results are achieved much faster. This can be a useful strategy for new businesses that are looking to gain immediate attention and build up their visibility faster. Whereas SEO tactics often take time to start working as mentioned above, PPC is implemented immediately and results can be seen as soon as you start utilizing them. 

Offers Keyword Data

When running paid ads, you will gain helpful user data information including keywords and demographics. You can use this information to build out your marketing strategy with strong SEO tactics further down the line. Utilizing PPC to benefit organic search, later on, is a great marketing strategy to maintain awareness and conversions over time.

Fit Into Any Budget

The last benefit of PPC campaigns is that there are tons of variety and flexibility. Paid ads are easy to track and can be successful at any price. You can easily plan out your budget ahead of time with paid advertisements and PPC methods. You can also adjust your spending based on how successful other methods may be. Whatever your company is looking to spend, the flexibility of paid ads will work with you.

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Utilizing both PPC and SEO is the best way to increase your awareness and conversions. At Boston Web Marketing, we can provide you with these methods simultaneously to give you the best results. Contact our team of experts at BWM to learn more. 

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