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What Are The Differences Between Blogs & Email Marketing?

We receive a common question from clients: “which is more effective: blogs or email newsletters?” Throughout this article, we compare each strategy so that you can review and evaluate it. Find out how blogs and email marketing differ below.

How Can I Define A Blog Vs. An Email Newsletter?

You determine the target audience for your email newsletters, and you send them regularly. You include articles that address topics that the recipients may be interested in. Engagement, building relationships, and maintaining top-of-mind awareness are the goals.

In contrast, blogs are maintained on your website and can be viewed by anyone. You should write a blog post on one topic that you think will be helpful to site visitors in some way. Blogs make your website dynamic, educate customers and prospects, and improve your search engine rankings.

What Are The Main Differences Between Blogs & Newsletters?

Here are some more details about blogs and newsletters. 

The characteristics of blogs include:

  • publicly accessible on your website
  • allows you and your company to position as an industry expert
  • a very effective way to educate your prospects about your products/services and move them through the sales funnel
  • consider each post as a distinct webpage, increasing your reach, popularity, and search engine ranking

Whereas email marketing consists of:

  • distributing your newsletter to a specific audience
  • tracks and targets particular groups of readers
  • keeps your business at the top of the mind of your existing customers and leads
  • email forwards are possible, but search engines do not acknowledge forwards as much as they do with social media sharing

So, Which One Is Better?

You can communicate effectively with prospects, leads, and customers in different ways with both email newsletters and blogs. To create a robust communication strategy, we highly recommend combining both. In addition to being critical components of marketing, blogs and email newsletters are part of a broader ecosystem that attracts traffic to your website, converts this traffic into leads, and nurtures these leads into customers and brand evangelists.

Need Further Assistance With Your Marketing Strategy?

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