What are the Biggest SEO Trends for the Summer?

With the end of Memorial Day weekend, Summer is officially on its way! Summer is a time where families and friends are out enjoying themselves whether it be at the beach, outside in their yard, or traveling the world! Are you looking for what SEO trends to keep up with this summer? Take a look at some of the biggest SEO trends for the Summer below!

What are the Biggest SEO Trends for the Summer? 


Fast and responsive websites

There is nothing worse than a slow website, especially when you are out during the Summer on vacation trying to find a place to eat or a place to go. You wouldn’t want someone to not order from your business because of a slow website, so why let your site speed have an effect on your business. Monitoring your site’s responsiveness is a huge SEO trend for the summer. It’s also crucial for your site to be mobile friendly as well, because most people are in their cars on the road this Summer, away from their desktops. Readability and being mobile friendly are just as important as the speed of your site this Summer.

Local SEO

Local SEO starts with listing sites such as Google My Business, which is huge during the Summertime. Many people are out and about during the Summer or traveling and road tripping around the country. With local SEO that includes the name of your business, the address, and the phone number, you are able to reach more and more customers.  It is important to keep this information consistent across all the platforms, so customers can get reliable information about your business. Many people during the Summer will be searching for things near them to do, concerts that are going on, food near them, beaches near them, and so on, so it is important to keep up with your business info and hours of operation as well. 

Video content and engagement

With TikTok on the continuous rise and warmer days ahead, video content and engagement is a huge trend for SEO this summer. There are many TikTok trends being done daily, with a bunch more to be expected this Summer. By keeping your business up with the popular trends and even creating your own TikTok’s doing them, you will have the highest customer engagement possible. Even if you decide to create regular video content, it will still increase engagement on your site. Click here to learn how social media trends can influence your SEO. 

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