What are The Biggest Ranking Factors of 2018?

Each year, it seems as though there is a different ranking factor on the forefront of Google’s algorithm. That is the beauty of this industry though, it is always changing and evolving, and it is up to us to stay on our toes and adapt to the elusive algorithm. What is the ranking leader in 2018 though? Last year, it was the push towards HTTPS websites, but in 2018 we can expect mobile page speed to be the leader in website ranking factors.

Mobile Page Speed

Mobile usability has been a ranking factor for some time but now, Google really intends to push mobile speed. Google also announced their plans to move towards a mobile-first indexing method which will take mobile page speed into account when crawling mobile pages. With this mobile-first indexing method being inevitable, not only should site owners ensure their mobile versions are loading quickly but mobile friendliness, in general, should be addressed as well. A fast, mobile-friendly site can have an extremely positive effect on your rankings for 2018. Although mobile page speed and mobile friendliness should be priority one, don’t let other important ranking factors suffer!


Having quality content on a website is one ranking factor that will never falter. Quality content is always in the discussion when it comes to important ranking factors. Content can improve a user’s experience on your site and can provide opportunities to integrate relevant keywords which will help your rankings even more!


Internal links are another ranking factor that have stood the test of SEO time. Since the beginning with page rank, links have remained an important factor when optimizing your website. Links can help users navigate your site with relevancy and promote conversions as well!

Meta Descriptions

Page titles and descriptions are almost the first lines of defense when it comes to optimization and page ranking. Titles and descriptions with relevant keywords and useful content can help a page climb the rankings quick! Meta descriptions can be geared toward search intent or certain popular queries and can help get your page found!

These are just a few of the hundreds of ranking factors there are, but if you need help getting your website found, or want to know more about which ranking factors to look out for, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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