What are the Best WordPress Sliders?

One easy way to make a website look inviting and professional is to incorporate a slider. A slider is a set of rotating displayed images, usually above the fold, that’s used to get a company’s message across or create a call to action for users.

There are plenty of WordPress slider plugin options available for free and for purchase, so it can be quite overwhelming for first time web developers to choose one that works. Some plugins will slow down your site load time, others won’t be mobile responsive. Here, we’ve gathered the top three based on load time, user friendliness, and mobile responsiveness.

  1. LayerSlider. With a page load time of 2.12 seconds, LayerSlider is a bit slower to load as far as sliders go. However, the usability of this plugin is what makes it on our list. LayerSlider has it’s own user interface different from that of WordPress, which means there are many more customization options for those who are familiar with the art of slider making. Starting with LayerSlider can be difficult at first, so start off by keeping the slider simple.
  2. Revolution Slider. Coming in at 2.25 seconds of load time and a 1 MB page size, Revolution Slider is for the more experienced web developers. One thing to note about this plugin is that one must first create the slider and set all of the settings. After this process, you will then be able to resize your photos, add animations and layers. Note that you need to first add all of the slider images you want before customization can begin.
  3. Soliloquy. Quick to load at 1.34 seconds, this slider plugin is one of the easiest to use mainly because is follows WordPress coding guidelines. Users are able to seamlessly add slides chosen from WordPress’ Media Library. Choose the slider size and the type of animated transition you want. When you’re all done, simply copy and paste the code into the HTML portion of your page.

Depending on the look you want for your website, you may need a different slider plugin, which is why there is an extensive list of both free and paid plugins out there for you to choose from. Many web developers believe that a slider can improve bounce rate for a website, while others think them to be cumbersome and not user friendly. Either way, it’s always a great idea to add color and animation to your site via photos or videos.

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