What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media?

Social media platforms are as prevalent as they have ever been. If you are a user with active accounts on social media, you have probably wondered what the best time to post on social media is. The times one chooses to post content on social media is always relevant and can contribute to having a strong or subpar digital presence. Posting engaging content can go to waste if posted at an inconvenient time. In this blog, we will tackle the logistics behind posting on social media.

The Times Your Target Audience Is Active

There are many time zones in the world, but most target audiences a user is connected to stem from the same or nearby time zones. These days, it is common for a user to go on Instagram shortly after they wake up. This means social media posts around 8 to 10 AM in your time zone is generally an effective window to post. Posting around lunchtime is generally good too since the majority of social media users tend to check social media applications during their lunch breaks.

Is There A Bad Time To Post On Social Media?

While it is technically never bad to post engaging & appropriate content on Social Media, posting it while most of your target audience is likely sleeping is not a good idea. Essentially if a user wants to generate significant traction towards a post, they should avoid posting in the early morning hours between 1 AM and 6 AM.

Should I Post More Than Once A Day?

Posting social media content more than once a day is okay as long as you have enough images, ideas, and content. Never feel like you have to force content. Posting consistently is a good strategy but making sure you do not overdo it is also essential.

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