What are the Best Practices When Using Instagram?

To understand Instagram’s best practices, it’s crucial to understand how their algorithm works for posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos. There are roughly 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram each month. This is an excellent social platform to help gain exposure for your business, and using tactics similar to SEO can help your business rank higher on Google. Learn more about the ways to utilize Instagram for your business

Instagram Feed Posts

The algorithm for Instagram posts has been consistent since 2018. The three main factors when it comes to posting are interest, recency, and relationship. This includes how often a user interacts with an account, how recently it was posted, and how interested Instagram thinks you will be in a post. Instagram also considers how often you use all of the features in the app – including all of the ones mentioned in this article, in-app camera, and geotags.

It’s important to post frequently and at the same time each time. Engage with your followers by liking posts, liking comments, watching their stories, and following plenty of accounts. It’s not enough to post frequently, it’s important to engage often as well. 

Instagram Stories

Similar to the above, Instagram prioritizes the stories of accounts you interact with frequently. With stories, they expire after 24 hours, but it’s possible to add them to Story Highlights to keep them on your profile for longer. Be sure to add some of your favorites to Highlights, but make sure they are relevant and helpful to your audience. The best practice with stories is to post at least 8-10 per week, usually 2 or more a day. They should still be engaging and creative, so it might be helpful to determine them out ahead of time. 

IGTV Posts

IGTV is dedicated to videos that are 1 to 15 minutes long for most users and up to an hour for accounts with a large following. The algorithm is similar to those above – the more you engage with an account (likes, comments, DMs), the more likely you are to see their posts first. With IGTV, it’s important to post at least 1 to 3 times per week and use geo-location tags to pop up for more local accounts. 

Instagram Reels

The algorithm for Reels follows closely with IGTV. Instagram loves to reward the users who use its most recent features. When Reels get shared among accounts, that account is more likely to gain an influx of followers. It also helps boost you to the top of someone’s feed, and Instagram will suggest videos to an account based on their interests. With Reels, it’s best to post 4-7 videos per week.

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