What Are the Best Practices For Structuring URLS?

While it’s one of the foundations for good SEO practices, a lot of times URL structure is overlooked when building up a companies or websites rankings and traffic. The most important things it to make your URLs easy to decipher by Google and Bing, the easier the better chance you have of out-ranking the competition.

Below are a few tips for best practices to structure your sites URLs:

If a human can easily read it, so can Google/Bing

Accessibility is a huge factor in SEO rankings. Usually when factoring in how easy to read by engines your URLs are, you should simply think, “Can a human easily read this?” If yes is the answer, you are moving in the right direction.

Sprinkle keywords in your URLs 

Having keywords in your URLs is beneficial for a few reasons. Having keywords in the URL help indicate that your are going to be visiting the correct URL, if you search “puppies in NH” and the URL contains some variation of those terms, you know you are going to  a relevant webpage and we all know Google loves to reward sites that provide relevant content to its visitors. The URL will also act as anchor text if there is no other anchor text present on the webpage.

Match the URL to the Page Title

It doesn’t always have to be a perfect match but if you at least get it kind of close by matching these together it can only do good for your SEO. It helps add a sense of cohesiveness to your site and like we said before, Google loves it when you make things easier on the human end of things.


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