What Are The Benefits of Yelp Advertising?

When it comes to online advertising, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not all advertising platforms function the same way or yield the same results, but they all have the common goal of improving your business’ online visibility in front of consumers and potential customers.
Some of the most common forms of online advertising are Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. However, have you ever considered that Yelp Advertising may be your company’s best bet?

What You Get With Yelp Advertising

  • Better Placement. If your business is already on Yelp, you may have noticed that your company’s page is riddled with local industry competitors. These competitors have Yelp Advertising campaigns that allow their own business profiles to appear on yours, increasing the chance that a user landing on your page will click away into their page. With Yelp Advertising, you can be one of those businesses with their profile on a competitor’s page. This is sure to lead to more conversions.
  • Desktop & Mobile Presence. You already know that customers use Yelp on both desktop and mobile devices, but did you know that your paid Yelp Ads can show up here as well? These ads will be the first thing users see in Yelp listed search results. Just like Google Ads which displays paid advertising at both the top and bottom of search results, Yelp works the same way — so it’s easy to get used to and understand the interface.
  • Geotargeted Advertising. Just as you would set up Google, Bing and Facebook ads with a specific geographic and demographic range, Yelp also applies the same filters. Yelp’s algorithms already ensure that it’s users are finding relevant information nearby, which means that whenever a user searches for a product or service you cover, your ad will show! According to a Neilson survey, 89% of those searching on Yelp will make a purchase within a week, so it’s important to have a front and center presence.


Considerations Before Opting for Yelp Advertising

As with any type of advertising, there are risks involved. Many previous Yelp Advertising users have noted that the price for these ads is expensive, and you’re locked into a 12 month contract. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge:

  1. Is your website listed below a Yelp directory when searching for a keyword you’re targeting or optimizing your site for? If so, Yelp Advertising might be a good option to get your company noticed on their directory.
  2. Is your Yelp page already very popular (recent and consistent reviews, click to calls, website visits, etc.)? If so, don’t bother with Yelp Advertising as your page is already performing well organically.
  3. Do you have a lot of competition in your industry and geographic area? We’re always out to beat the competition, but they are too. If you’re a local contractor, restaurant or moving company, then it couldn’t hurt to give Yelp Advertising a go because that means your profile will appear on your competitor’s page.

If you’re interested in growing your online presence and are looking for paid advertising options, contact Boston Web Marketing today to discuss your goals.

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