What are the Benefits of Using Social Media for Business?

According to We Are Social, over 3 billion people in the world are on social media. No other media outlet reaches as many universal impressions and engagement. Social networks can be a very beneficial investment for brands and businesses; and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are fast, affordable and effective in reaching almost half of the world’s population.


Brand Awareness

Social media is a great place to reach new markets geographically and demographically. Based on Facebook’s insight data, over 60% of Instagram users discover new brands on this social media. With social media, a business has a chance to cultivate its brand’s distinct tone and image online. You can build relationships with your audience by frequent posting with relevant and interesting content. People tend to log in to social networks multiple times a day, and every time they do, you as a business have a chance to interest these segments.


Generate Traffic

Social media goes hand in hand with the best SEO practices. Firstly, you generate legitimate backlinks to your website. Secondly, you increase the exposure of your blogs and site updates. Social networks can not only create website traffic but generate valuable conversions. With the current growth trends of social search and e-commerce, social media has become an important element of a purchase funnel. If you choose to partner with relevant influencers, you have great chances of expanding to a variety of new markets.



Unlike other types of advertising, social media offers the biggest variety of options as it pertains to targeting. Demographics, attitudes, known and assumed behaviors can help you reach niche audiences that no other channel would. Additionally, social media advertising offers very precise measurements, telling you exactly who clicked on your ad, watched your video, etc. Needless to say, it’s one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, with one of the most advantageous costs per thousand.

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