What Are The Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords?

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, using an SEO strategy catering to what users are searching for is critical. Single keywords are great to target, but using long-tail keywords may put your website at an advantage over your competitors. SEO experts have used long-tail keywords for a while and have proven to show effective results. Learn more about long-tail keywords, how they compare to short-tail keywords and the benefits of using them on your website today!

Long-Tail Vs. Short-Tail Keywords

When it comes to keywords, there are two types of search keywords that users need to learn about: short-tail and long-tail. Short-tail keywords are generic searches and are often 1-2 words long. These searches include “home remodeler”, “bathroom remodeling”, etc. 

Long-tail keywords are longer search words and are more specific as they focus on a niche. These are often three or more words and are searched for less frequently, providing more targeted results. Aiming for long-tail keywords is lower competition as they are more specific, allowing your website to have a better chance of targeting these searches when used. These searches include “home remodeler in Boston, MA” and “bathroom remodeling services in Boston, MA”.

The Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords

There are many advantages to using long-tail keywords on your website over the short term. Below are just four of the many benefits of using long-tail keywords on your website.

1.Lower Competition

As mentioned above, using long-tail keywords allows for lower competition. The more specific keywords you are looking to target, the smaller the competition is on search engines. It is much easier to rank using long-tail keywords than short-tail ones. Using long-tail keywords helps you take advantage of a massive opportunity to generate more website traffic and leads.

2.Helps Short-Tail Keyword Ranking

Another great benefit of using long-tail keywords is that it also helps you rank for those short-tail keywords. Most of the time, the short-tail keywords are included in your long-tail keywords. This combination makes it even easier to target short and long-tail goals, making it easier for your website to rank. The general and specific keywords can increase your organic traffic, as a higher rank on Google means more traffic to your website.

3.They Have Better Conversion Rates

Using more long-tail keywords on your website will also help you see better conversion rates. This is because your content is more targeted to the website visitors’ needs when searching for something specific. When you use search intent to see what users need and want, you allow a specific target audience to land on your website. When someone is searching for a home remodeling company in Boston, if they search just “home remodeling,” there will be thousands of other results on the search results page. Using more specific keywords will help you to target that audience. “Bathroom remodeling company in Boston, MA” uses more specific keywords to help your users find you. 

4.Optimize Your Blog and Content Strategy

You can create and rank for fresh new content when you use long-tail keywords over short-tail keywords. Many short-tail keywords are often used, making it harder to rank due to the competition. When using more specific and unique keywords that are focused on your users’ needs, you can target them much easier. Using keyword tools and seeing what your audience is searching for will allow you to focus on those long-tail keywords and target them more effectively. 

Use Long-Tail Keywords For Your SEO Today!

Contact Boston Web Marketing to start using long-tail keywords that are highly effective at getting more traffic to your website and turning those users into customers. When your content is more specific and targeted to what the user is looking for, you can generate more leads and keep those users returning. Our digital marketing and SEO team is here to help your website improve its organic ranking. We offer effective SEO strategies to help your online presence take off. Learn more about our SEO and digital marketing services, and contact us for a free audit today!


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