What Are The Benefits of Getting Google Reviews?

People really value what previous customers have to say about businesses. Business can be impacted negatively or positively depending on the reviews that the company has online. Studies have shown that consumers typically like to read ten reviews from a website or product before purchasing it for the first time. So it is vital to have plenty of reviews for consumers to read through. 

Because of how important getting frequent good reviews are for businesses, Google has incorporated the reviews of a website into deciding where the website will rank on a search engine results page. Google rewards sites with lots of frequent and positive reviews and will penalize websites with negative reviews or no reviews.

How Do You Get More Reviews on Google?

Now that you know the importance of having reviews on Google, how do you get your customers to leave reviews? First, you will need to have a Google My Business account verified for your website. 

  • Social Media: Posting on social media is an excellent way for some businesses to interact with their customers. Within social media posts, you can add the link to leave a review on Google
  • QR Code: A creative way to have customers leave a Google review is to generate a QR code for the link to leave a review. Once you have a QR code, you can put it on business cards, flyers, stickers on your store windows, and more! All customers have to do is hold their camera over the QR code to start leaving reviews quickly and easily.
  • Email Newsletters: Another way to increase the number of reviews you are receiving on Google is by sending email newsletters. If you have a lot of contacts from previous clients or customers, then it is a good idea for your business to send out email newsletters to them if you aren’t already. Within the email newsletters, you can add a section asking to leave a review with the link or a button to do so.
  • Website: Another effective way to have customers leave reviews is to create a button within different pages of your website that leads them to the place to leave a Google review. A great page to have this button is a thank you page. Thank you pages usually pop up when a user completes a purchase or fills out a contact form.

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