What are the Advantages of Writing a Multi-Part Blog?

Many different formats work for blog posts. The frequency and length of your site’s blogs is ultimately up to the needs and preferences of the site owner. But generally, content writers usually create single-topic, one-shot blogs.

While it is good to focus on one topic throughout a post, there is no requirement to cover a topic in just one post.

The multi part blog has many advantages in terms of SEO, social media, and cohesiveness.

  1. The content is parsed out. This allows you to have more pages to optimize individually. You should always look for ways to break down your content. Never do this to the point where you have pages with thin content, but you should take advantage of having more individual pages.
  2. The more posts you have, the more you have to share. Just like having more posts to optimize, you also have more posts to share on social media.
  3. You can build anticipation with your first post. If you have a fairly active readership, this is a great way to keep them coming back.
  4. Readers are more likely to read a shorter article. It’s more likely that someone will read a 700-word post than a 4,000 word epic.
  5. You can link between your articles. Maybe someone will come to your article through part two or three of your series. If someone lands on part three of your post, you can link them to the previous parts of your blog.
  6. It can improve the writing. If you’re writing about a broad topic, your writing could come off as rushed or lazy if you try to fit it all into a short article.

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