What are the 2021 Trends for Visual Content?

Since COVID, consumers are looking for more transparency from brands and looking for more meaningful engagement. In general, society is changing its habits which is changing content trends. For example, using video content can help create a more authentic “face-to-face” experience with brands. Continue reading to learn more about the visual content trends to focus on in 2021.

Create Authentic Stories

Instagram and Facebook Stories, and even Twitter Fleets allow for personal connections between brands and audiences. Consumers want to see the behind-the-scenes of a company to help build more trust between them and humanize your brand. 

You can use Stories to put a face behind customer experience teams, let the CEO tell personalized stories about the company’s origin or a look into how products are made and manufactured. 

Consistently posting Stories, Reels, or on Tiktok can help get your brand a ton of recognition. Use these opportunities to get away from the stylized photoshoots and to show consumers who your brand really is. 

Get to the Point Quickly

It takes roughly 8 seconds for a viewer to lose interest in a video. By the time your page loads, you may only have 5 seconds before the user moves to another page.

With the introduction of TikTok and Instagram Reels, brands can easily create recognition for themselves through fun, quirky videos. However, you need to get your point across quickly. 

By catching the audience’s attention within the first few seconds, they are more likely to watch your 1 to 2-minute long video. Just be sure to get to the point quickly and don’t drag it out, or you will lose followers. 

Make Content Shoppable

Social media channels offer product tags and shopping stickers to brands online. This helps users complete transactions easier and faster than ever before. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest have seen an increase in purchases through their apps than ever before. 

Take it a step further and go beyond social media to truly create the best ROI. By linking products in lookbooks, blogs, or really anywhere you can link products can help increase the number of purchases. 

Optimize All Visuals

Creating graphs and other types of visuals can help gain your brand authority on Google. By optimizing these images with alt text, Google can index them to help other users find your graphics more easily. 

Additionally, by linking your images and visuals in videos or podcasts, Google will understand the relationship, and they will show up in Google Images. By properly optimizing all of your visuals, more content will show up.  

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