What Are ‘Store Visits’ Conversions on AdWords?

Google announced the arrival of ‘store visits’ conversions back in December 2014. Store visits conversions count users who have clicked on a search campaign ad and then visited the business (or went in its vicinity) by using location tracking from the user’s mobile devices. If the user turns off location services, this cannot be counted. Because the metric isn’t entirely accurate, it doesn’t register under the ‘conversions’ metric, but the ‘all conversions’ metric.

Not all businesses running search campaigns are eligible to track store visits as the requirements are listed below:

  • Business must have multiple locations
  • Receive thousands of clicks each month
  • Need to have Google My Business linked to AdWords accounts

Back in 2016, only around 1,000 businesses had access to store visits conversions. Nowadays, that number has grown, and while the metric isn’t reliable, it allows advertisers to better understand their ROI. Depending on the business, it’s essential for users to edit the way AdWords tracks store visit conversions, as for certain industries, it makes sense to limit the time between users clicking on the ad, and actually going near the business. For ROI purposes, it’s also wise to edit the value of each conversion that’s being tracked, as it can give marketers a better idea about the efficacy of certain campaigns.

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