What Are Some Video Marketing Tools?

In recent studies, it was found that video traffic will make up about 80% of all customer traffic, globally, in the year 2019. That is a huge increase of 64% from 2014. If you haven’t already, now is the time to take advantage of the impact that videos have on your marketing plan.


Here are some valuable tools that will help you with editing, video analytics and more!

  1. Viewbix

This video marketing tool can be used to create an interactive video in a few steps. This is done by:

  • Adding a link to your video
  • Inserting a call-to-action button and your logo to brand your video
  • Picking apps to assist in achieving your goals

Once these steps are completed, you can put your video on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. There is the option of actionable analytics. This will provide you information of what is and isn’t effective. If you have only one client, Viewbix offers a free version. Otherwise, contact a sales rep for multiple clients.

2. Powtoon

This tool allows you to produce professional and animated videos of your services or products. Powtoon is an extremely easy to use tool with an instinctive interface that walks you through each phase of the process. With a couple clicks of your mouse, you can easily export your video to YouTube. While there is a free version of this tool, it comes with a watermark and up to five minutes of video. For $18 a month, you can purchase a watermark-free plan.

3. Wideo

This online video tool allows you to effortlessly produce, edit and share your animated videos. You are given the choice to personalize your service or product by adding a logo, images or background music. If you’re having trouble creating a video, Wideo offers templates to help you get started. If you are looking for a unique video, you can hire a graphic designer from Wideo. Free plans consist of videos no longer than 45 seconds and for longer videos, prices vary from $9-$39 a month.

4. Screenr

Screenr is a web-based screen recorder that allows you to record your voice and screen by clicking a button. It then provides you with a shareable link for social media accounts and websites. Screenr is free and one of the easiest screencasts to use.

5. WeVideo

This software as a service tool allows users to generate and edit videos for your company. You are given artistic control while working with WeVideo’s graphic designer. You are given the option to add a color scheme, calls-to-action and your logo to customize the video. One of the great things about this tool is that you are able to invite other members to work on videos with you. For more storage opportunities, plans range from $7-$20 per month, but WeVideo does offer a free plan.

6. Slidely

Slidely gives users the opportunity to use existing pictures, video clips or music to generate videos. Created videos can then be posted directly to your social media accounts. To embed the video directly onto your blog or website, Slidely provides widgets and badges. You can also share and view other’s videos since it is also a social network. Users are able to register for Slidely on their desktop or downlowd the Android or iOS app for free.

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