What Are Some of the Biggest Backlink Lies?

Although link building has been around for a while, there is still confusion about it. SEO is an everchanging industry and what used to work may not work this day in age. There are still myths to how links work in terms of SEO, and what they can do for a site, some of these include:

If you build, the links will come

There is a theory that if you create quality content and resources, users will come your way. If your website is already highly ranked and widely recognized for the brand, this can come out to be a true statement. If you have a smaller website, this could be a bad mindset to have. To have potential users find you, you have to construct the path to get there. This is when you have to use link building. Most people using Google end up clicking on organic results that come up. For every click on a paid ad on Google, there are almost 12 organic results.

No need to have links in order to rank

Some people do not think their site needs links in order to rank – which is wrong. Relevant backlinks can help your site rank higher for the targeted keywords you chose. Links are not the only factor in ranking – but they do contribute greatly. Keep a relevant and wide variety of backlinks to work with Google’s algorithm.

Links with high domain authority are the only ones that matter

You should be looking for links with higher metrics, but shouldn’t be the only reason they matter to you. Low domain authority can just mean that the site is fairly new. If the site has a low domain authority (DA), but it is relevant to yours, still try to target it. Most sites that are relevant to yours will have a low DA, and the reason is probably that they are very niche. Being relevant can be more important than having a good DA.

The only benefit of link building is algorithmic

Links are always fundamental to Google’s algorithm. The number of good quality backlinks can help your rankings, but there are non-algorithmic benefits to link building as well. Brand visibility can be brought in from links and lead to relationship building. Because of the nature of link building, you may end up talking with authority figures within your brand’s topic. Once your link is placed where it need be, the conversation between you and the other brand shouldn’t end there. That would be bad marketing. Take advantage of you now knowing them, and continue to see how you can help each other.

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