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What Are Some Mistakes To Avoid While Using Facebook Ads?

You know Facebook as one of the largest social media platforms out there. Facebook ads have a remarkable ability to target the right demographic of users on the site. There are no other ads platforms that allow you to target such specific groups of people. Users are of all ages and genders and can be found all over the world. Although these ads are on a social media platform that so many people utilize daily, the ads portion can take a bit to get used to. Here are some things to avoid while trying out Facebook Ads:

Not Setting Any Goals

When creating ads for your company or brand, you have to make some goals for you to see if they are working right for you. For Facebook Ads, that could mean tracking the likes, engagement, or clicks to your site. Set some goals using these metrics. How many likes per post would you want each month? Would you rather people be clicking to your page? All of these can differ per brand.

Choosing The Right Format For Your Ads

If you are a new user of Facebook Ads, it’s easy to make some mistakes when choosing the right format for your campaign. Even if you’ve been running ads for some time, there is always room for change. You need to pick what is best for your goals and target audience. One format might not work for your needs. It’s all about seeing what you think would be best. 

Having Only One Set of Ads

Having one set of ads may seem like a better and cheaper option, but you should be doing more than that. It would help if you aimed to have less than five individual ads. Try to separate them so that they can get more reach. If you have a bigger set, chances are Facebook will not show all of them. Space out your sets to get more for your money.

Broad Targeting

If your ad targeting is too broad, you may not be reaching the audience you hoped for. Hone in on who you want to see your ads, and go from there. If they reach people who have no interest, it’s not going to help you. Know who you want to target and the ads will do the work for you!

Add Call to Actions

Call to actions get the audience’s attention and will hopefully have them convert. Calls to action can include “visit our site”, “give us a call”, and phrases of that nature. You want these in your ads to make sure the user has somewhere to turn to after seeing the advertisement. 

Facebook Ads are a great option, just be wise when using them as a beginner!

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