What Are Some Good Topics for Restaurants Blogs?

Having a restaurant client can be super impactful for your SEO agency, but over time, it can feel as if there is not much more you can write about for their blog. However, sticking to a few central topic categories, you can produce a seemingly endless selection of blog content without ever having to repeat yourself. Below you’ll find three of the most useful topic categories for writing restaurant blogs.


Recipes are one of the best blog topics you can utilize for restaurants because they are so plentiful! You can easily review all the existing menu items and then pick out recipes from the menu that are easiest for home cooks to make. If you are writing for a restaurant but picking a recipe off of Google to write about, connect with your client and ask them if it is okay. All blog content is still representing the brand, and if it is a poor recipe, your client will not want the blog attached to their brand. Your best bet is to ask your clients for the recipes or at least a list of ingredients well in advance.

Cultural History

Many restaurants focus on a particular style of cooking, whether that be learned technique or regional. If you are slowly running out of ideas for blog topics, why not examine some parts of the culture the restaurant is associated with? For Italian restaurants, you can talk about the history of pizza and pasta. For Japanese restaurants, you can discuss the significance and history of omakase dining. There are a lot of directions you can go with this option. You can even veer slightly away from food history and discuss the general history or current events of the place the restaurant’s food is inspired by.

Dish, Ingredient, or Beverage Highlights

This option is probably the most common topic to pick for restaurant blogs. Many fine dining restaurants in particular have an assortment of dishes and items the majority of people have never heard of. Subsequently, they will turn to search engines to find out what they are. Take this opportunity to target these specific searches by creating blogs about them. 

Cooking Advice

Writing a recipe blog can be useful, but offering specific cooking advice can drive an abundance of search engine inquirers to your page. This advice can consist of things like the best cheese for your sandwich, whether you should use olive oil or vegetable oil, and even what cookware you should purchase. Be sure to perform adequate keyword research and tailor these advice blogs accordingly.

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