What Are Some Big Google Ranking Factors?

When it comes to being relevant on search engines, Google is the one to impress. After all, they’re the biggest search engine in the world. With a ranking algorithm consisting of over 200 components, it can be difficult to understand which components to prioritize. We’re here to tell you what you should focus your efforts on.

1.) Content

It’s cliché, but content is king. Not just any content, but good content. When analyzing your content, Google is looking for keyword usage, length, and comprehensiveness. In terms of keyword usage, your title is the most relevant signal to Google, not to mention the strongest. Keyword variation in the title tag is highly important, and is best done at the beginning of the title. When it comes to length, there really is no set requirement. However, you must write enough that the content is able to satisfy the purpose of said content’s existence. If you’re curious as to what an appropriate length is, check out the content length of your competitors and base it off that.

2.) User Experience

Your rankings mean nothing if people don’t find your site easy to navigate. Besides, users are often a good indicator of overall relevance. Having a site that users want to explore and interact with will lead to more people clicking your link on the results page. Since click-through rate is a ranking factor, it’s important to keep users in mind. After all, a high click-through rate will quickly boost your result rankings.

3.) Technical SEO

The performance of your site is also crucial, and speed is a ranking factor. Site speed also correlates with how people interact with your site, so if it runs slow users will likely leave the site before discovering anything of value. Also, keep in mind that having a mobile friendly site is also important. If you’re site isn’t optimized for mobile, it is likely you won’t rank in mobile search results at all. Since most people navigate the web on their smart phones these days, it is highly important to have a mobile friendly site.
These are not all of the factors that play into your ranking in search engines. However, they are highly important. Keep these tips in mind when optimizing your site, and you’ll likely rank much higher because of it. Keep your content strong, your users engaged, your site running smoothly, and you should climb the rankings to a place you’d be happy to tell your mother about.

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