What Are SEO Best Practices To Improve My Website’s Ranking?

To improve your online presence as a business, you want to be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. There are some practices that will boost the quality of your website called white hat SEO. This essentially means using the best techniques possible when planning a digital marketing strategy for your business. Using these practices will make your website rank higher on a search engine. There are many factors that these search engines use to rank websites. In this post, we will discuss these white-hat SEO strategies and the importance of implementing them.

What are SEO Best Practices

There are main practices that all businesses online should follow to stay within search engine guidelines. We recommend publishing relevant and unique content. It is important that the content of your website matches up with the original search intent. The word count is another factor search engines use to rank your content. There is no specific post length they suggest, but we have found search engines prefer lengthy content over shorter content. Downloading software that follows SEO guidelines is highly suggested. This will allow you for total optimization for your content, images, and links.

We also recommend using keywords in your posts to gain visibility in the SERP. There needs to be a healthy balance of using keywords because you want to avoid keyword stuffing. Research about what people are searching for when looking for your business can guide you about short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Another practice we think boosts website visibility is a good user experience. Making sure your site is easy to use and speedy will rank your business higher on a search engine results page. Another key factor is making sure your navigation, like a header and footer, is easy to navigate to help the user get to where they are going faster.

The Importance of SEO Best Strategies

SEO best practices follow the guidelines of major search engines, like Google and Bing. The other side of white hat SEO is black hat SEO. This deals with unethical methods and ways that businesses cheat the system. Some examples of black hat Seo include keyword stuffing, duplicate content, thin content, and hidden text. Search engines penalize users who try to cheat the system and lower their rankings on their search engine results page (SERP). Following white hat SEO techniques will ensure long-lasting benefits and improved search engine visibility.

Professional SEO Services in the Boston Area

At Boston Web Marketing, we pride ourselves on only using white-hat SEO techniques to make sure our clients are gaining visibility ethically. Our team is highly trained in SEO and best practices. Along with working with you on a detailed SEO plan, we also specialize in website design and social media. Feel free to contact us here to learn more about the SEO services we can provide to your business, big or small!

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