What are Low Quality Pages and How to Quickly Fix Them

Pages that hold little information or pages with duplicate content are not useful for your readers nor will it help your SEO, if anything it will harm your search results even more. Google has ideas on what they consider to be high quality vs. low quality, so let’s see what you can do to fix this.

Panda Algorithm

The Panda algorithm was first introduced in February 2011. This algorithm was designed to stop sites with poor quality content working their way into Google’s top search results, meaning higher quality content is often rewarded with higher rankings, while low-quality content drops.

How to Identify Low Quality Pages

If there is a way to determine low-quality pages, this would be tricky to do because we are mostly talking about not just one page, but all of the pages on the website that don’t help Google and your visitors.
If we are talking about duplicate content, there are a few helpful free tools such as Copyscape or Siteliner that will help break down those pages, allowing you to investigate a bit more.

How to Fix low Quality Pages

Depending how much content you write on your website, removing a page or two is a good start (typically from an old piece of content that you wrote many years ago). However, instead of removing them completely, consider rewriting the content by adding unique, insightful, and relevant content for people to share the content through social media. Google will see that content as an addition to their index. Here are some tips on how to write better content!
You may not have realized that you created low ranking web pages in the past, but there is always a way to fix the issue and get you back in the search results!

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