What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are phrases used by those on search engines that are highly targeted and specific to the searcher’s intent. For example, the phrase “Adidas Yeezy Shoe Women’s” would be a long-tail keyword, as the searcher is looking specifically for Women’s Yeezys. These keywords are unique, as they have a fairly low search volume, along with a low competition. What they do entail is a high conversion rate, which describes the number of visitors that go to a website and complete a desired goal.

How Do Long-Tail Keywords Affect Ranking?

Since these keywords are very descriptive to the searcher’s wants or needs, they can positively affect the ranking. They allow more specific results than simplistic keywords, since website owners can create content for their site that tailors to these results. An example of this could be “pizza near me” versus “italian pizza oven-baked near me”. If the website happens to be for a pizza shop, the SEO strategy would be to implement content that specifically addresses “italian pizza oven-baked near me”, allowing for the search results to have an exact match.

How Will Long-Tail Keywords Affect Conversions?

Since it’s apparent that conversions are the number of visitors that go to the website and complete a goal, long-tail keywords can positively impact the conversion rate. Since these types of keywords have a very specific search intent, queries become more easily identified which can indicate the buyer’s intent. Queries are just another term for the search phrase. That being said, if the long-tail keyword becomes a frequent query for the site, this can be useful when identifying the conversion rate. Conversions positively impact the overall site ranking, since the people are coming to the site with a problem and leaving with a solution. 

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