What Are Keyword Clusters?

The use of keywords in SEO content writing is a common practice, but have you ever heard of keyword clusters? Many content writers are either not familiar with this strategy or choose not to focus on it. Developing a strategy incorporating keyword clusters into your writing could allow you to stand out above the competition. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from using keyword clusters throughout your content.  

What are Keyword Clusters? 

An SEO strategy revolving around single keywords is no longer sufficient enough to put your website above competitors. Google’s many algorithm updates in recent years have caused a need for change in the way we write content. Google is able to understand the natural conversational language better than it used to. That is why keyword clusters are so important. 

A keyword cluster is a group of single and long-tail keywords all revolving around a single topic. Using different variations of your primary keyword will help you show up in a much larger number of searches relevant to your content.  An example of a cluster could include keywords like dry cleaning, dry cleaning services, dry cleaning in Boston, etc. 

How Can They Help Your SEO Strategy 

People do not always search the way you think they will. Users commonly search in question or conversational language. Using keyword clusters when you write your content will give you a better chance to show up for these conversational queries. Search engines will view these long-tail keywords as more relevant to a searcher’s query than a competitor that only uses the primary keyword. If you adopt this strategy for your SEO content, the volume of traffic to your website should increase significantly. 

How to Create Keyword Clusters 

Start by making a list of your primary short-tailed keywords. Then, segment them into groups of related topics and subtopics. For each group, research and develop related long-tail keywords that users may include when performing a search. After you have solid clusters, it is time to write! 

There are many strategies to writing content using your keyword clusters. One of the most effective ways is to create pillar pages and subpages. Write the main pillar page using your primary keyword. Include links to new subpages highlighting each longtail keyword and link back to your pillar page. 

Boston Web Marketing Can Help

Using effective keyword clusters throughout your content is an advanced SEO practice. The SEO specialists here at Boston Web Marketing are experts at implementing this strategy to drive traffic to your website. Contact us today to get started with our SEO team! 

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