What are Instagram Business Profiles? Part 2

Instagram is taking its platform to a new level! As I mentioned before in my previous article on Instagram Local Business Profile Pages, there has been a lot of talks as to what exactly these pages are going to include and how Instagram is going to use them to help businesses. Well, the time has come, and Instagram just released new information on the ins and outs of what these profile pages will include. Let’s take a look!

What Will Local Business Pages Look Like?

With limited space given, Instagram had to come up with a way to both engage users in textual and visual content and the picture below shows a mockup of what they will look like. On the top, you can see a starter three pack of pictures from the profile to give a glimpse into what the business does. Here we see an Indian restaurant showing some of its food and holiday specials. One aspect you will not find in the starter three pack is videos. This is an important feature to take note of due to the fact that video content continues to gain popularity. You will also see the core business information like address, category, hours of operation, price, website, and phone number.

instragram business profile page

How Are Instagram Local Business Pages Linked to Facebook?

The ability to link pages or profiles is not something new by any means. Facebook already implemented cross-platform functionality between itself and Instagram allowing users to take information from one profile and display it consistently across both. If you look at the top right-hand corner, you will see a “claim” button that allows users to link a Facebook Business Page. This is great for businesses that already have a Facebook Business Page as it allows them to pull over information and make their Instagram local business profile as similar as possible. Be wary of the information on your Facebook business page as you’ll want to double check it to make sure it is pulling in the right information.

How to Maximize the Efforts of You Instagram Local Business Page?

Like I mentioned before, Instagram doesn’t exactly give you a ton of space. Aside from three recent pictures and some basic information about your business, there isn’t much else drawing in potential customers. You are going to want to use Instagram stories to your advantage to help market products and services. Get in the habit of this as they are a great way to display new information in a quick and fluid way. Why might you ask? As much as you might want them to visit your profile page, it sometimes is a lengthy process and requires searching up your name and finding your profile. Instagram stories, on the other hand, allow users to view content you published with the added ability to return to whatever they may have been viewing before. The more you can capture your audience with Instagram stories the more likely they will want to head to your profile page.

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