What Are Googles New Features?

Over the past few months, Google has been rolling out new features that are designed to help businesses get found faster. One big update has been the new “New Blogs” feature that allows local businesses to make blog posts quickly and easily. This new feature is a great way to get more blogs written by your customers that can become future clients and customers.

How to Use this Feature

This new feature that Google has given to us is extremely user-friendly & has a lot of features that can optimize your website. An example of some features are:

  • They can be useful to businesses that offer local services
  • Provide an email link to post
  • Find out the most popular genre of blogs
  • Find blogs that can be used to promote your business

What to Get from Blogs

This feature is excellent for businesses that offer their services in a niche area such as auto mechanics or plumbing that provides services that need to be specialized.
This provides you with a platform to write blog posts and create your own content in the interest of your niche area. You can use this feature to get blog topics or even scope out what keywords your competitors may be using!

Tips to Get Started

To use this feature, you really need to start with a blog, but you can start with a blog that is typically a local business.  One of the best ways to get started writing a blog is to create an email list.it is normal for businesses to start with their email list and then build their catalog from there. Some other ways to start building your list are:

  • Find out what type of blog post is more prevalent in your niche area.
  • Write a blog post on what your audience is interested in. This can include blogs or web pages.
  • Write a blog post that has at least 10,000 words. This is an excellent place to start.
  • Write a blog post that will make a list of your top 10 most engaged participants. This will help you build your list.
  • Write a blog post that is a recap of what happened recently.

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