What Are Google’s Featured Snippets?

Have you ever typed a question into Google? Millions of people around the world go online to find answers to important questions every day. Oftentimes, the search results will display a box of text at the top of the page. This is called a featured snippet, and it’s essentially Google’s way of presenting relevant content from a high ranking site. 

Featured snippets allow people to more easily discover what they’re searching for. The snippets can make a substantial impact on your website’s traffic, as they provide more visibility to your target searches. So, how can you optimize your site’s content to be featured on Google? This blog will answer some frequently asked questions about featured snippets and explore a few strategies you can follow to produce high-ranking content.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important for SEO?

Featured snippets are one of the most prominent features of Google’s search engine results page. The website that owns the content that’s being featured is receiving a substantial amount of visibility, as the URL is displayed in the number one position. SEO is all about optimizing your content to be easily searchable. Featured snippets do just that. 

Not only do the snippets drive more traffic and clicks to your site, they also provide a favorable opportunity to build brand identity. Building your brand is a primary aspect of growing and maintaining a successful business. Essentially, the more your brand is visible in the search engine results page, the more you will be associated as a helpful and relevant business. 

How is Content Optimized to be Featured?

Simply put, the higher your content ranks, the more likely it is to get a featured snippet. There are a couple methods to establishing a highly ranked site, such as using targeted keywords and restructuring your on-page content. Firstly, identifying keywords is one the most important strategies in content marketing. Stay on top of trends and take notice of what is receiving high levels of engagement across search engines. Then, review your landing pages and find opportunities to add relevant keywords that you may be missing. Your chances of staying ahead of the competition, and taking that featured snippet spot, will increase when you maximize your content growth.

Additionally, take a look at the current content on your site. Google chooses featured snippets based on how well a question is answered. With Google’s recent release of the “Helpful Content” algorithm, sites are ranked higher if they answer a question early on. This means you shouldn’t hide the relevant information at the bottom of the page. 

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